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At the age of nine I was allowed to take a break from school, cooking, cleaning and the raising of my three siblings while my mother worked and my father worked and went to school at night.

Every Saturday, I escaped to the world of fantasy, the movie theater. I watched the same films over and over again. I did this for years. Then, my imagination triggered, not just stories, but characters that showed me how to weave and explore various storylines.

As I wrote, I created a company where I helped clients with PowerPoint Presentations. I taught myself graphics, web design and film making. I found this useful in visual storytelling. As I continued to write, I initiated a few startup companies, and then founded, Scriptscene, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America ( This chapter focused on how to use screenwriting techniques for novels to make them more visual.

I also developed a TV series titled, The Rogues (a.k.a Seized Spirits).  With the help of a few talented people in the movie industry including, Ziad H. Hamzeh and Bert Brown, I produced a short film titled, Eternal Embrace. It is the proof-of-concept for the series. At one time you could have rented the short film online but the distributor is no longer available. We continue to look for a distributor. Also, we have a TV series bible outline for 5 years. If you are serious in reading it, feel free to contact us.

Early on as a crew member, I started out in the business working on a handful of short films, I even helped a producer jump start a computer game model by helping to write, direct and design it. And I have continued to work as various crew members, such as a Unit Production Manager/Line Producer, Production Coordinator and on occasion, an Accountant on various Independent feature films.

I have written many screenplays, short stories, novels and children’s stories. Story telling is in my blood, heart and soul. Recently, I have expanded my storylines to include thrillers, suspense and murder mysteries.

If you are interested in reading any of my work, including The Rogues TV series bible, feel free to contact me.

Love to discuss it with you.

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Get in touch so we can start working together.

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