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The Rogues

The Rogues: TV Series Bible




The Rogues (a.k.a. Seized Spirits) is a one-hour dramatic series. Although it is a romantic fantasy, it is rooted heavily in reality. There will be action, adventure, drama, humor and lots of heart generating intelligent, positive energy interwoven among the four seasons of the New England area. 


The series starts after a shaman transports a 19th century Rogue’s spirit into the future-- our present-- in order to heal the Rogue’s “broken spirit”. (This is shown in the two-hour pilot titled Surrendered Spirit.) Later, other spirits will be introduced in separate episodes from various centuries.


There will eventually be five Rogues. They are neither angels nor ghosts. They are human spirits who are bound to earth and our present time with their own memories and emotions.


During the spirits lives, in past centuries, a string of tragedies pushed each Rogue to the edge. Each back-story is different, but has elements of similarities, which oddly draws the Rogues together in a continual, but minor story line about human connection. 


The Rogues “live” in their own oil portraits-- it is their energy source and “home”-- until they are needed. These portraits can be moved, re-framed, bought or sold like any “normal” portraits. The Rogues can step outside their portraits to observe and interact with humans but are limited. They cannot step beyond certain boundaries of their canvas; otherwise they fade away, forever.


The Shaman keeps the portraits at her residence, an enchanted greenhouse.


Although the Rogues are the main characters, there is a guest protagonist, also a “broken spirit”, each week. In order to heal/empower the protagonist, the selected Rogue’s spirit goes through a state called a “tandem visit”. 


This state also begins the Rogues’ own healing process while they complete their selected missions...

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