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Welcome to our writing world of Screenplays, a TV Bible, Novels & Children's Books.  We have also written and produced a short film, Eternal Embrace. It is a proof-of-concept for the TV pilot titled, The Rogues. The trailer is available on

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Screenplays Available:

*Dream Dancers

~ Romantic Fantasy & Coming of Old Age

*When a dance instructor decides to renew the romance in her 25 year old marriage by entering a local dance contest but when her husband refuses she elicits the help of a dance spirit.

  1. Winner of 2012 Romancing the Script Competition, Scriptscene a Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA).

  2. Quarterfinalist The Writer’s Place

  3. Quarterfinalist of StoryPro

  4. Quarterfinalist of Bluecat Competition

  5. Award Winner 2022 Stardust Films & Screenplays Festival

  6. Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2022 Award Winner

*Blood Oil

(aka Hydroil) - Suspense /Thriller Co-written w/ M. Sheehan

​When a naive inventor wakes up and finds three dead bodies on his property, he hires a detective and reinvents his housebot to get to the truth of who wants his invention.

  1. Finalist of Romancing the Script Competition

  2. Finalist of The Writer’s Place

  3. Quarterfinalist of StoryPro

  4. Quarterfinalist of Bluecat Competition

  5. Quarterfinalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2013

  6. SemiFinalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2013

  7. Thinking Hat Fiction November  2020 - Best Characters

  8. Quarterfinalist - May 2023

  9. Top Finalist - August 2023 - BREAKING WALLS; The Ultimate Thriller Screenplay Contest!


~ Action/ Fantasy

An ex-cop searches for her husband when he disappears in the Sargasso Sea, but discovers a Bermuda Triangle occupied by privateers engulfed in a civil war and where women are a rare booty.


2. Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge 2022 - Award Winner


*The Black Unicorn

~ Children’s Fantasy

A young prince and princess are separated when their kingdom is attacked. In order to find his Royal sister, he must find and fight the Evil Esuba.


*American Dream

~ Murder Mystery

When a wealthy executive hunts for his brother’s murderer all clues lead to his Lithuanian immigrant wife who he married for convenience.

*Gemini Girl

~ Coming-of-Age

A 17 year old discovers that she is an alien and has to decide whether to merge with her adult self or stay 17 forever.

*Grey Zone aka Twilight Murders

~ Murder Mystery

When a 14 year old paraplegic with a very overprotective mom witnesses a street gang murder, a detective is assigned to protect the boy and his mother.

1. Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards - Honorable Mention

2. Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge August 2022 - Award Winner

3.  Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards - December 2022 - Honorable Mention

*Surrendered Spirit - TV 2 part Pilot for The Rogue Series

This 2 hour 2 part Pilot of The Rogues introduces the first Rogue, William Joseph Riley.  He was born in 1805 in the slums of Dublin. His mother, father and any known relative are dead. At nine, he was left alone to fend for himself. He had no emotional attachments and preferred it that way. Although it was difficult to reach inside Riley, people liked him. He is a man of his word and respects all life. 


Late in his teen years, a Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) district inspector (developed as the first ‘Royal’ police force) took him under his wing, gave him discipline, a home, food and love. He learned to laugh, enjoy Irish music and on occasion, a draft of ale.


Riley eventually joined the R.I.C. They had strict rules that men could not marry until they served at least seven years and that suited Riley just fine until he met Mary Brady. Riley never understood the true meaning of love until Mary. 


After four years in R.I.C., he professed his love to her and was ready to give up everything to marry her, but she would not allow it. Riley’s romancing Mary was an art form. No man understood the power and ritual of romantic communication like Riley. At the end of three years, Mary was “vetted” (approved) by the R.I.C. for sociable suitability” and Riley passed his mother-in-law’s approval. They married happily.


Riley was a doting husband and soon to be father. He was promoted to sergeant. Life was good. His spirit was strong, proud-- a happier man didn’t exist.


Then, one day he was dismissed from the R.I.C., learning he was framed for the murder of the man he called father and labeled a Fenian Spy (to free Ireland from British rule). Returning home one night, he found his wife, unborn child and home up in flames. Holding his wife’s dead body, he was attacked by a band of masked marauders. He refused to defend himself against the noose, remnants of his fire, passion and strength barely visible...  


Suddenly, Serena Rhune appeared and wove her spell. This Shaman yanked Riley’s spirit out of his battered body, then shot it into the future. With each “tandem visit”, Riley heals so he can learn to love again. For more info on the other Rogues/Spirits and outline, contact us via email. We have a TV Series Bible prepared.

Eternal Embrace - A 47 minute film, A Proof of Concept for The Rogues TV Series:

1. Golden Wings International Awards - Award Winner 2022

2. Cinemaos Film Festival - September 2022 Award Winner


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